Extract from our projects

• Implementation of Access applications using SAP connection (via RFC, sample rate table read from SAP via BAPI)

• Implementation of SAP R / 3 MM module in pharmaceutical companies- Data transfer from legacy system with data preparation,- Configuration of MM & WM due to regulatory requirements (GMP, validation, batch tracking)- Design and implement the use of bar code labels

• Support SAP R / 3 system (with WM module MM)

• implementation of various SAP R / 3 ABAP reports (in MM-range), eg- For simplified processing incoming goods with attached bar code label printing

• merging two existing SAP systems in an international environment (UK, D, F) to a client for SAP Group in the UK- Conceptual design, configuration,- Documentation, testing,- Data acquisition and implementation- Technical assistance project on the German sideModules FI, SD, MM

• Finally, integration of additional business areas and processes (FI, SD, MM)

• Input mask in SAP for rapid entry of sales orders

• Support and Coaching for Managers SAP (MM, WM, ABAP)

• Designed and implemented a flexible, configurable SAP interface system "CsC FormWeigh" for linking various standard systems to SAP R / 3 for an international corporation. Supported formats IDOC, PP / PI PCS, QM / IDI to SQL DBMS (Oracle, MS SQL or similar.)
Including customizing the test environment in R/3 PP/PI and QM.
The software has been certified by SAP (see SAP Product Lifecycle Management - Quality Inspections (QM-IDI)).

• Integration of subsystems with IDOC interface to SAP, including programming / customizing on the SAP side (ALE settings, IDOC enhancements, user exits, customer-specific tables, etc.) for various users (industries: food and pharmaceuticals)

• Programming Interfaces online scanner / SAP (remote control via the SAPGUI SAPGUI Automation Interface)

• Scanner Programming (for offline access in batch mode)

• programming a configurable interface, eg for connecting scanners, the company Dolphin Hand Held Products to SAP R / 3 (release 3.1 to 4.7) and introducing the logistics sector.Implemented functions: receipt, goods issue for delivery with serial number registration, transfers, goods issue to production orders, ...

• Implementation of SAP R / 3 4.6 in Europe for Japanese group
International roll-out (D, A, F, N, S, DK, I, E, B, GB, TR, RUS and other countries) in Logistics (Warehouse & Transportation)Industry: Retail consumer electronic goods, LE modules / MM with WM. Online connection of existing WMS systems via ALE (transaction data and master data distribution)
Design of logistics processes (inbound, outbound, processing with customs bonded warehouse, RUS: GTD/CCD handling, connecting carriers)
Connectivity access programs via IDOC for incident-handlingOnline connection scales to R / 3 (at packing station by "scale for R / 3")Productive services, logistics integration. Support in FI / CO in various projects including PL, CZ, SK, HU, RO, RUS)
Support in Development / SAP Script / Smart Forms

• introduction of barcode systems (printing, scanner) in existing R / 3 3.1 systemOptimization of processes, report preparation, coachingIndustrial EngineeringModules MM, SD

• Introduction of bar code system in the supply of spare parts for maintenance in the automotive sector with access to SAP R / 3 maintenance software MAXIMO.

• Introduction of a custom batch and serial number tracking systems in the acquisition / construction of special machines in SAP R / 3 (Rel 4.7, module MM & CS)

• Enhancements to the SAP R / 3 WM (Rel 4.7): WM-automated transfer and delivery of vendor consignment stock (without any corresponding pre-selection on behalf of customers) with a scanner.

• Scanner connection to SAP R / 3 (SAP 4.7) for batch monitoring in the food industry by WebSAPConsole (MM without Cup, Windows CE client).

• Scanner connection to SAP R / 3 (SAP 4.7) for batch tracking for film distribution via WebSAPConsole (including MM WM, customized transactions for Telnet client with a small display (7x20).

• Integration of SAP ERP (XSI component) to a track & trace system (HWY905TM) using SAP XI or PI (without BC) to obtain tracking information on any of transport service providers.

• Implementation of SAP R / 3 ERP Retail in RUS for German Mail Order Company.Integration Management (EN / RUS) for modules SD / MM / Development