Your Barcode Reader is controlling the SAP GUI:
The smart way to connect Barcode Readers with SAP ERP systems.
More information: scanTX

Direct Table Data Download from SAP R/3 System into ODBC database
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Direct Table Data Download from SAP R/3 System into ODBC database

Create an interactively an Interface to extract SAP data. You can start the data extraction from the command line - or plan as a scheduled job.

Choose a SAP system, the source SAP table or SAP query and target ODBC table.
Including field mapping and SQL options. No programming.

To have SAP GUI installed is the only requirement to run this data extractor on any MS Windows computer.

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Direct Linkage to Barcode-Scanners
SAPIOSCAN controls the Barcode Scanner: display, audio and light signals


More information about SAPIOSCAN



IDOC Coverter (Receive IDOCsdirectly into ODBC-Tables)

Simple IDOC Converter

Receiving IDOCs from SAP R/3-Systems via RFC and placing them into tables via ODBC Connect.

No FTP, no programming.
You can use the ALE distribution of master or transactional data in SAP standard: for materials, customers, suppliers, parts, orders, deliveries, …
This data can be written directly in any database via ODBC (e.g. Excel, Access, MS SQL, Oracle,…).

The system is processing in a transactional mode: A "Logical Unit of Work" (LUW on the SAP side) will be completed only upon successful COMMIT at the ODBC side.
The converter can be installed as a Service on any Windows system (server or workstation) and running independently of current applications in background.

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COGNEX & KEYENCE Barcode-Scanners running SAP ERP by call transaction

Let your COGNEX or KEYENCE vision scanner control any SAP transaction (SAP ERP, R3, ECC, S4).
Scanned values will be inserted automatically in background into correct field(s) using immediate call transaction / batch input thru RFC.  
With scanGW (like with scanTX) you can let e.g  SSCC label book Goods movements in SAP ERP automatically.

Please contact us for more information.

 Downlaod scanGW here - or request the setup file.
You can execute scanGW in test mode - please request a licence key